Delivery Mates


Our mission is to help you deliver your products faster than anyone else,
so that you can compete with the biggest online retailers and increase your market share.

About us

Delivery Mates is an affordable solution to the challenge of same-day delivery, enabling local businesses and online retailers to move things quickly and easily. Imagine sending your products or picking up your purchases as efficiently as you order pizza, with a simple click and immediate results. Delivery Mates makes this dream a reality.

How we do it

Our environmentally-friendly electric bikes cut through traffic quickly, and carry twice the volume as petrol bikes for the same price. You can track the package live with our app, so both you and the consumer know exactly when it will arrive. And all our couriers are trained in customer relations, so are wonderful ambassadors for your company.


Companies that we work with – including the UK’s largest online retailer – find that fast delivery increases customer loyalty, making them buy far more often. Faster turnaround does wonders for your cash flow. And it allows you to grow your business quickly from the same warehouse without increasing your overheads. It is not unusual to up a turnover by 30% within 12 weeks and double margins!

Delivery Mates have helped hundreds of companies to
increase customer satisfaction, generate repeat sales and
beat the competition.


Our services

On Demand Delivery

Call us when you need! If you have one or even hundreds of deliveries you can count on us.

Multi-Drop Delivery

Need multiple items delivered on the same day?
Our experienced drivers' can help you deliver
your products efficiently.


Employing drivers directly is obviously a huge investment in money and time. Use Delivery Mates dedicated drivers, pay per hour and completely take away the burden of coping with drivers.

Who's Delivery Mates for?


Delivery Mates


Delivery Mates

Food Chains

Delivery Mates

Be one of our mateys.

Delivery Mates

Why be a Delivery Mates driver?

We grow our own professional staff who are interested in the results of their labor You'll be self-employed, and free to work to your own schedule.

  • You'll be self-employed, and free to work to your own schedule.
  • You'll have our driver app to manage your orders.
  • We will provide high-quality gear and equipment.
  • You'll earn great money
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